Colour By Number

You can do this as a colour by number, but I like to make it a bit more interesting. I print these 1/4 the size, to fit four on a page. Then I ask the students to pair up and choose one of the designs. In pairs they take turns rolling the dice. If they role a number that hasn’t been competed, they colour in that section (not all the numbers). Who ever finishes the colouring first wins. Before they start I like them to colour in the numbers in the key first, to make sure they are reading the colour words correctly.


Play Activities

In the morning I place a few of these activities on the board with a picture, word or sentence to explore. The exploration might be something we have already learnt or something that we will be learning later in the day. The students enter the class room, get all their morning jobs done, then layout the activities on the tables and floor and begin play.