Adding to 5

I modeled the concept of different ways to make five. I then wrote a sum on a circle piece of paper and created a chain using those numbers. Each student received a sum (on their choice of coloured paper) and then returned to the desks to make their chains. Once they completed the chain they showed me. A few didn’t have the correct amount of chains, so we talked about it and then they returned to fix it. It was a very engaging and worth while activity.



I like to use real money when learning about currency. The plastic stuff doesn’t have the same impact. But how do you keep your students responsible and make sure that you get everything back? I use this printable, laminated.

At the start of the lesson (in their groups) they lay all their coins on this sheet to check they are all there. Then at the end they lay them all out again, I check it and put the money back in the zip lock bag.

Jolly Phonics Take Home Book

I have created this Jolly Phonics book from the original Jolly Phonics Graphics. It allows the students to take what they have learnt home to share with their parents/guardians. The book graphic shows the action for the sound. The writing space shows their first attempt at writing the sound. The blank page on the right side is space where they glue in the sound. This then becomes a sound flash card book.

Jolly Covers

Jolly Book

Stick In Sound Cards

So all you need to do is print the ‘Jolly Book’ double sided, put a ‘Jolly Cover’ on the front (the ‘s’ side – ‘j’ is the middle of the book) then staple. I have made the book so it follows the sound introductions as per the program. You get two books per A4 print.

Number Building

Here is the template and also some of the game in action.

This idea is that the students roll a dice (dotted dice, so they have to subatise) and when they roll a number that is left on the sheet, they add that many blocks and build mathematics tables. To keep the game rolling, when they finish the sheet, they write their name on the board then play again. Race to see how many ticks you can get next to your name. I usually play this game in pairs as I don’t thousands of blocks!

CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) Images

So there are lots of resources on the net for CVC words/pictures, but not many that are black & white. Also there are lots of pictures with words next to them.

For this activity I wanted to print out lots of small CVC words pictures, so the students could stick them into their books and practice their writing.

Below are also the words for the pictures above if you want to play memory or go fish.

Here are also a some smaller versions which fit much better in the students books.

Why This Blog Site?

I already have a class website (private) with wordpress, and it is fantastic!

I have seen many resources on the internet that just are not what I am after. I have spent lots of time making resources tailored more for myself. Maybe you might them useful as well.

Everything that you see on this site I have made myself and is copy write free, although I have may have borrowed ideas or used images from the internet to get my creative juices flowing.