My Pencil-Texta & Glue-Scissors Setup

I have two tubs, one for pencils and textas and the other for glue and scissors. They come in colour coded sets (took a little while to set up, but is great – I used electrical tape to add the colour). I have pencil monitors who check they sorted correctly each day, and they put them/remove them from the tables when we need/don’t need them.


One thought on “My Pencil-Texta & Glue-Scissors Setup

  1. I have been using the coloured pots for a while now, but the place mats were a new addition. These are a gem! Usually I found the pots all squashed up, or tipping over or something strange that 5 year-olds do. Excitedly, now they are neatly placed back on the shelf in the right spot every time!

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