Colour By Number

You can do this as a colour by number, but I like to make it a bit more interesting. I print these 1/4 the size, to fit four on a page. Then I ask the students to pair up and choose one of the designs. In pairs they take turns rolling the dice. If they role a number that hasn’t been competed, they colour in that section (not all the numbers). Who ever finishes the colouring first wins. Before they start I like them to colour in the numbers in the key first, to make sure they are reading the colour words correctly.


Sitting Rug

To make my life a little easier, I have created this beautifully coloured rug. The idea is that students can find a ‘spot’ to sit that has enough space around it, and is not near other objects. When leaving the rug I usually let certain colours go at different stages. ThisĀ  helps with the commotion that usually happens when 26 students leave the same space at the same time.